10 SJBA Organisation (1)

Who are the members of the Exco?

The Members of the Exco for 2013 …. click here.

20 Activities and Services (1)

How Do I join the Yoga Classes?

To Register call Sis Lily (03-56315299) or Sis Cindy (03-56315271)

30 Annual Events (1)

What is Kathina and when will it be held?

Kathina is an annual event and its significance can be read here.

The last one was held in SJBA on 4-Nov-2012.

All future events will be announced to members at the appropriate time.

However, for your planning purpose, you may view the tentative annual calendar of events here (subject to change).

Please subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you are kept updated. (See homepage, and submit your e-mail address on the “Subscribe to Blog via Email” box.

50 Donations (1)

What are the donations used for? How do you account for the money collected?

To be able to carry out all our activities ( click to view Activities ), we need continual support from the Sangha and Community  at large.

You extend your support in any of the following ways:

1. Cash (in Donation box at the Shrine Hall) or cheque made out to SJBA or bank transfer

2. By credit card/PayPal

We provide a “Donor Recognition Wall” on the website to acknowledge all known Donors, which also has a running Total of the collections.

Members may ask to examine our accounts…..etc……..

Our collections are managed in the following way:

90 About The Website (1)

How can I help with the website?

The “sjba.org” domain name and the web hosting of the website are complimentary from a member.

The original website was launched more than xx years ago and the present makeover was launched on 30-Nov-2012.

It is now based on the open source WordPress blog/CMS and administered by a few volunteers.  The website, design, functionality and contents are continually evolving.

To keep it current, interesting, informative and useful, we seek talented grahic artists, copywriters, photographers and content providers from among the SJBA members.  If you or someone you know, would like to offer your voluntary service, please submit your offer to serve  here.

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