Announcements (Friday, 19 Jul 2019)


1) The “What Buddhists Believe” 9-Friday course, 8.30pm to 10.00pm at SJBA Shrine Hall is still in progress. The course is based on the book “What Buddhist Believe” by the late Chief Reverend Dr. K Sri Dhammananda.

The topic this coming Friday, 26 Jul  is  “Happiness Recipe and Secrets” by Bro Tan Siang Chye.

The topic on the following Friday, 2 Aug is “The Three Refuges and Buddhist Text” by Sis Lim Kah Hong 

2) Ven. Indarathana and Ven. Sumana will be observing the Vassa in SJBA during the 3-month Rains Retreat. Besides their own spiritual cultivation, the Venerables will also be conducting many Dhamma programs during these 3 months for the mental and spiritual benefits of our devotees including the following: 

(I) Daily chanting of the Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta led by the Venerables at SJBA Shrine Hall  from 7.30pm to 8.15pm

(ii) Chanting of the Anattalakkana Sutta this Sunday, 21 July 2019 led by the Venerables at SJBA Shrine Hall from 7.30pm to 8.15pm. On this day, 2600 years ago, the first 5 disciples of the Buddha attain Arahantship when listening to the Anattalakkana Sutta

(iii) Three (3) Sutta Study Workshop (i) Metta Sutta on 3 August, (ii) Ratana Sutta on 24 August and (iii) Mangala Sutta on 21 September will be held at SJBA Vihara from 9am to 4pm. For registration, please contact Sis Lily at SJBA Office (Tel. 03-56348181)

3) In conjunction with the country’s 62nd Merdeka Day on 31st August 2019 (Saturday), SJBA will present Academic Excellence Awards to students who have excelled in their examinations in 2018.  Application is now open to students who have excelled in the following examinations: 


            (a) (i)  UPSR                              – SK  :  5 As

                                                                SJK :  6 As & above

                 (ii)  PT3                                 – 7 As & above (excluding lisan & oral)

                 (iii) SPM                                –  8 As & above

                 (iv)  STPM (or equivalent)   –  3 As & above       


(b)         Application forms can be obtained from the SJBA office..


(c)          Eligible applicants are required to submit the form together with

(i)   a copy of the examination result certified by the respective school principals.  

(ii)  a  copy of the Birth Certificate


           (d)     Closing date of application : 31-7-2019  


            For more information, please call Sis. Lily at tel. 03-56315299;

4) SJBA invite you and family and friends to a spiritual and mentally enriching morning at this Sunday’s Buddha Puja commencing at 9.15am with offering of lights, flowers and incense to the Buddha, chanting, Dhamma Talk by Ven Indarathana and Sharing of Merits. 

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