Announcements (Sunday, 11 May 2014)

image00141) This year’s Wesak day falls on Tuesday, 13th May 2014. Our Wesak Celebration will start on Wesak Eve, Monday, 12th May with lighting of Blessings Oil Lamps at 7.30pm followed by Wesak Eve Buddha Puja, Dhamma Talk, Procession Round the Vihara and Bodhi Tree, Chanting and Meditation. On Wesak Day, Puja Service will commence at 8.00am followed by the official launching of the Wesak Day Celebration at 9.45am. Blessings Service will be carried by the Maha Sangha. From 11.00am to 2.00pm, vegetarian food will be provided. There will be a Blood Donation & Organ Pledge Campaign and Free Health Check. We need around 200 volunteer helpers to help organize all these activities. Please register yourselves by writing your name at our Notice Board or call Sis. Lily at Tel. 03-56315299.

2) SJBA is organising an Introduction to Meditation Course conducted by Ven. Nyanaramsi from 22 May to 8 Jun 2014, 8.30pm to 10.30pm (22 May, is for orientation, followed by 6 lessons beginning 1 June) and then followed by a short Meditation Retreat from 6 Jun to 8 Jun 2014. Ven. Nyanaramsi was an accountant in Malaysia before he was ordained in 1995 at the Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre in Yangon, Myanmar with Venerable Chanmyay Yeiktha Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa as his preceptor. He had also studied the Dhamma and meditation under Sayadaw U Indaka and other Sayadaws in Myanmar. Ven Nyanaramsi spent 9 vassas in Myanmar before he accepted an invitation from SJBA to come back to Malaysia in 2003 to teach the Dhamma and meditation to Malaysian Buddhists. Ven Nyanaramsi is now the Abbot of Subang Jaya Vihara He travels frequently to Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia to conduct meditation retreats. If you wish to register for the Course or join the Rereat as a yogi, helper or sponsor, please inform Sis. Lily at 03-56348181.

3) The Selangor State Government, with the assistance from the Selangor Buddhist Development Council, is organizing a state-level Wesak Celebration on 17 May 2014, Saturday, 7.00pm to 10.00pm at the Auditorium Dewan Jubli, SUK Shah Alam.
The night will be filled with interesting cultural performances from local as well as from foreign countries like Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Light refreshment will be provided. Transport will be provided (for those who need) with 2 buses will be leaving SJBA at 6.15pm. Please register with Sis Lily (03-56348181) for bus transport, first-come, first-serve).

4) This morning’s (11/5/14)in Mandarin (at 11.30am) is on “Ten Meritorious Deeds – Part III” by Sis Wong Suh Chuen. Sis. Suh Chuen graduated with Bachelor of Science in Applied Science from TAR College and Masters in Technology (Environment Management) from University Malaya. She is an Environmental Consultant. She was the Dhammaduta Head of TAR College Buddhist Society and former Honorary Secretary of Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society (KMBS). Curretly, Sis. Suh Chuen teaches Sunday Dhamma class for adults at KMBS.

(这个星期日的讲题是十种善业, 讲师是黄淑娟居士. 黄淑娟居士毕业于拉曼学院, 持有 应用科学 学士学位及马来亚大学的科技(环境管理)硕士学位。她现今是一位环境顾问,注册于马来西亚环境部门。淑娟居士,出生于砂朥越州,在中学求学时,已开始学佛。她曾经是拉曼学院佛学会弘组主任和 Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society 的前任名誉秘书。目前,她志愿地为Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society 的成年人周日佛学班,分享佛法)。

5) This morning’s (4/5/14, 10am) Dhamma Talk in on “Here and Gone: Understanding Impermanence”. Bro. Siang Chye graduated from Kent Institute, UK and with a Master degree from Massey University, New Zealand. He was a former Chairman of the Buddhist Missionary Youth Section and also the parent body, BMSM for one session. He is a striving meditator and has practised under several prominent meditation teachers locally and in New Zealand. Bro. Siang Chye is currently the Chairman of the Dhamma Committee of SJBA.

May You Be Well & Happy, Always!

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8 May 2014

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