Announcements (Thursday, 1 Oct 2015)

image0011. SJBA will be organising an Intermediate Course on Buddhism from 2 October to 6 November 2015. The course will run for 6 consecutive Fridays from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and will be conducted by Uncle Vijaya, Datuk Charlie Chia and Dr Chan Kah Yein. The course will cover Buddhist views on contemporary issues and Buddhist living. All are welcome. Please contact Sis Cindy at 03-56348181 for further details.

2. SJBA will be organising a 1-day Metta Retreat to be conducted by Ven. Dhammapala on 3 October 2015, Saturday, 9.30am – 4.30pm, in SJBA. Please contact Sis Lily at 03-56348181 for further details.

3. This year’s Kathina Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 8 November 2015. Kathina is a traditional Buddhist Ceremony started by the Buddha Himself for lay devotees to offer robes and other requisites to the Sangha at the end of Vassa (rainy season).

The Ceremony will begin on Kathina Eve (7 November 2015) with Taking The Three Refuges & Five Precepts before the Sangha at 8.00pm followed by Paritta Chanting, Dhamma Talk, Blessings by the Sangha and Sharing of Merits.

On Kathina Day, the Ceremony will commence at 8.15am with the Taking of the Three Refuges and Observance of the Five Precepts administered by the Sangha, Offering of Robes and other Requisites, Sharing of Merits and Lunch Dana. A blood donation campaign will also be held on this auspicious day. Please come and join us to perform these meritorious deeds together.

4. This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk (4/10/15, 10am) will be given by Bro. Jeff Oliver. Jeff Oliver has been sharing the Dhamma in Malaysia since his first visit in 1995 as a Buddhist monk
known as Dhammarakkhita, “Protector of the Dhamma”. He still believes in his name and
devotes his life to not only protecting the pure Dhamma but continuously exploring it and sharing it for the benefit of anyone who seeks wisdom, peace and freedom. Jeff’s approach to the teaching is relaxed and practical yet deeply profound and life transforming. He shares useful ways of formal meditation and gives necessary advice for living the practice in daily life. Jeff gives talks, workshops and short and long term retreats. He believes in the power of communication, understanding the Dhamma intellectually through discussion and questions and answers as well as experience through silent and deep introspection into the true nature of existence in this moment, here and now.

5. This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk in Mandarin (4/10/15, 11.30am) is on “Effective Buddhist Attitude at Work” by Bro Tom Hem. Bro Tom is an accredited Chinese physician and acupuncturist focuses on family medicine in Puchong. He is a long serving Dhamma volunteer and a Dhamma speaker with strong interest in Engaging and Applied Buddhism. At present, he is an Exco member of Kinrara Metta Buddhist society.

这个星期日的讲题是” 佛教效能之 有效的工作态度”, 讲师是幸文龍居士. 幸文龍居士持有中医学 位,主修针灸与内科。目前在Puchong 家庭中医诊所服务. 幸居士在佛教界活跃已久,喜欢演说有关 佛教联系与实用的主题,目前他是Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society 的理事.

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