Announcements (Thursday, 12 March 2020)

1) Due to the concerns for the well-being and safety of our members, devotees and supporting staff during this current outbreak of Covid19, and as part of our proactive and preventive measures, SJBA Exco has decided to temporarily stop all events within SJBA’s premises. Only our Dana Hall 1 (old dana hall) will be open for devotees who wish to pay homage and make offerings to the Buddha. The other rooms, halls, toilets, etc will be closed unless permission is granted otherwise by the exco.

We shall monitor the Covid19 situation and keep you informed on further updates through email, FB and whatsapp messaging. Please observe good personal hygiene and take good care of yourself and your family. May all of you be free from harm and danger, blessed and protected by the Triple Gem and the guardian devas.

(Note: SJBA Administration Office will still be open for important matters. If you are not feeling well, having flu/cold/fever/cough, please do not enter the Office. Please proceed to see a doctor for treatment) 2) Due to the uncertainty of the current coronavirus outbreak, it’s prudent that we adopt basic hygienic practice for the well being of our members and devotees inside SJBA. We seek your assistance and co-operation as follows:

   – Please greet one another other with palms folded in anjali posture instead of shaking hands

   – If you do shake hands, please wash your hands with soap or sanitiser, after handshake or

     after touching items that are frequently in contact with members of the public

   – Wearing a proper face mask is recommended in crowded areas

  – Bring own drinking water   

  – Please practise proper etiquette when sneezing or coughing (maintain distance, cover

  coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues/clothing/handkerchief)

  – SJBA may screen for fever and cough. We seek your cooperation in this matter for the well being of all

  – Anyone having flu/cold/cough, please go back and rest at home. Please get treated and

    temporarily refrain from coming inside SJBA as your kind concern for the well being of


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