Announcements (Thursday, 14 June 2018)

1) In conjunction with the 100 years centenary commemoration of our late Most Venerable chief Reverend, Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera, SJBA is hosting the Theravada Samaneri (nuns) Novitiate Program in SJBA from 11 to 24 June 2014. As part of the Program, there will be a special Forum held in SJBA as follows:

Date: 17 June 2014

Time: 8.45am: Arrival of Devotees, Guests, etc

9am – 10.30am: Forum “Journeying to the Future with the Four-fold Assembly

11am : Lunch Dana / Lunch

12.30pm – 2pm: Post Forum Dialogue between Sangha Members and Buddhist Leaders/Devotees

SJBA cordially invite you and family and friends to attend the above Forum and Post Forum Dialogue

2) During the duration of this Theravada Sameneri Novitiate Program, your are invited to partake/witness in the programme as follow:

Daily: 6.15am Breakfast Dana
10.30am: Lunch Dana

15 June, 1pm: Hair Snipping and Shaving Ceremony

16 June, 1pm: Pabbajja (Going Forth) Ceremony

20 June, 8pm-9.30pm: Dhamma Talk “Mind Matters”

24 June, 8am: Pindapata
10am: Dhamma Talk “Significance of Pindapata”

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