Announcements (Thursday, 19 March 2015)

image00141) SJBA is organizing the Introduction to Buddhism course from 6 March to 24 April 2015. The course will run for 8 consecutive Fridays from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and will be conducted by Uncle Vijaya, Dr. Chan Kah Yein and Datuk Charlie Chia. All are welcome. No pre-registration is required. Please contact Sis Lily at 03-56348181 for further details. For this Friday (20 March), the topic is “Guardian of our Spiritual Path” by Uncle Vijaya. On next Friday (27 March 2015), the topic is “Sowing Good Seeds for Lifetimes” by Uncle Vijaya.

2) SJBA’s building extension (a new 4-storey block with basement) has officially commenced works on 8 March 2015. Amongst various ways to raise funds for the construction of the new block, SJBA has an on-going “Donate a Brick” campaign. Each brick is RM100. The donors can write their name and sign on the bricks which will be used for the construction of the new block. For further information, please call Sis Lily at 01-56348181.

3) Another Temple Building Extension Fund Raising effort is through “Imee Ooi Concert – Sound of Wisdom” on 1 August 2015, Saturday, 8.30pm at Istana Budaya. Sis Imee Ooi of “The Chant of Metta” fame as well as many other highly-praised musical works will be making a live appearance in her debut concert. A teacher, composer, producer, director and singer, Imee is serving the Dhamma with her extraordinary talent and voice. She is a Buddhist practitioner that adheres to the teachings of loving kindness, peace and harmony. Founder of IMM Musicworks in 1997, she has released more than 50 albums and has produced many musical works for many Buddhist societies and organizations. Her mission is in singing messages of peace, harmony and compassion or simply bringing healing sounds to her listeners through music. Tickets are now available in SJBA (at RM100, RM150, RM200, RM250 and RM300). You can now have the opportunity to support the development of local Buddhist musical talents and performance arts as well as contributing to the building extension of SJBA Vihara.

4) In conjunction with Qing Ming, SJBA is organising a Pattidana on 12 April 2015, 8am to 11am to dedicate merits to the departed ones. Pattidana is for the benefit of those departed relatives and friends who may have been reborn in certain unfortunate state of existence. When they are aware that their relatives or friends have performed some meritorious deeds dedicated to them, they can be relieved of their suffering. When they rejoice repeatedly, their unhappy birth will be transformed to a happy one. It is the duty of relatives to perform these acts of merits for the departed ones. The Pattidana will start with the offering of flowers and lights at 8am, Metta Recitation, Buddha Puja, Dhamma Talk by Bhante Nyanaramsi, Dedication of Merits to Departed Ones.

5) Our Puja Session in Mandarin (11.30am-12.30pm) will be off until 19 April 2015.

6) This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk in English (22 March, 10.00am) is on “Having Good Friends – Sutta Selection” by Bro Ananda Fong. Bro. Ananda Fong is the former Deputy Principal of the Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School (BISDS) at the Buddhist Maha Vihara (BMV), Brickfields, KL. He is also the ex-Principal of Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS) Sunday Dhamma School, PJ. and President of BUBS. During his service in BISDS and BUBS, he was the co-organizer and co-facilitator of Dhamma School Teachers Training Programs. He has served as a facilitator/tutor in Dhamma Speakers Training programs, Diploma in Buddhism programs (Buddhist And Pali University (BAPU), Sri Lanka), and Nalanda Institute’s Certificate in Buddhist Studies program. He is currently the Honorary Secretary General of the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia. He gives Dhamma Sharings regularly at Buddhist organisations in the Klang Valley.

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