Announcements (Thursday, 21 March 2019)


1) There will  be a Dhamma Talk titled “The Path an Attainment of Ariya-hood on 6 April, Saturday, by Ven. Dr. Dhammapala. The Talk will highlight the ‘gradual process of the different stages of spiritual path and their abandonment of categories of defilements, and finally attainment of arahathood. Ven. Dr. Dhammapala has a PhD in Buddhist Study under the supervision of Ven. Dhammajoti n the University Hong Kong. He traveled frequently to conduct meditation retreats, Dhamma talks in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Currently, he is the Abbot of the Brahmavihara Monastery & Retreat Centre, Melaka, the Bodhvana Monastery in Sg. Pelek and the Centre of Mindfulness, Hong Kong.
2) In conjunction with Qing Ming, SJBA is organising a Pattidana on 7 April, 8am to 11am in SJBA Shrine Hall to dedicate merits to the departed ones. Pattidana is for the benefit of those departed relatives and friends who may have been reborn in certain unfortunate state of existence. When they are aware that their relatives or friends have performed some meritorious deeds dedicated to them, they can be relieved of their suffering. When they rejoice repeatedly, their unhappy birth will be transformed to a happy one. 
3) SJBA invite you and family and friends to a spiritual and mentally enriching morning at this Sunday’s Buddha Puja in SJBA Shrine Hall, commencing at 9.15am with offering of lights, flowers and incense to the Buddha, chanting, Dhamma Talk on “The Purpose of Spiritual Journey” by Ven. Dr. Saranapala. The venerable is a teacher of mindfulness meditation and also a spiritual counsellor. He has been a resident monk at West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre since 1995. All are welcome.

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