Announcements (Thursday, 6 October 2016)

image0014(1) SJBA is organising an Intermediate Course on Buddhism, commencing on 23 September to ending on 28 October 2016. The course will run for 6 consecutive Fridays from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and will be conducted by Uncle Vijaya, Bro Charlie Chia and Dr Chan Kah Yein. The course will cover Buddhist views on contemporary issues and Buddhist living. All are welcome. Please contact Sis Cindy at 03-56348181 for further details.
(2) This year’s Kathina Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 30th October 2016. Kathina is, traditionally, a Buddhist Ceremony started by the Buddha Himself for lay devotees to offer robes and other requisites to the Sangha at the end of the 3-month Vassa.
The Ceremony will begin on Kathina Eve (29th October 2016) with Taking The Three Refuges & Five Precepts administered by the Sangha at 7.30pm followed by Dhamma Talk, Procession, Blessings by the Sangha and Sharing of Merits.
On Kathina Day, the Ceremony will commence at 8.30am with the Taking of the Three Refuges and Observance of the Five Precepts administered by the Sangha, followed by Offering the Kathina Robe, offering of Robes and other Requisites, Sharing of Merits and Lunch Dana. A blood donation campaign will also be held on this auspicious day. Please come and join us to perform these meritorious deeds together.
(3) This Sunday Puja (9/10/16, 10am) will be led by Ven. Indarathana followed by a short meditation and Dhamma Talk. Venerable Indarathana was ordained as a novice monk at age 11 in Sri Lanka. After 10 years of monastic education and training at Sri Medankara Bhikku training Center, he received higher ordination as a fully ordained monk in 2007. He holds a Master degree in Buddhism at Kelaniya University and Bachelor degree of Law at University of Colombo. He is currently pursuing his masters of counseling at HELP University, Kuala Lumpur. He has been living in Malaysia since 2012 under the guidance of Chief Reverend Saranankara Maha Thera at Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist temple. As a Buddhist monk, he taught meditation and mindfulness practices and give counselling to people from different walks of life using the Buddha’s teachings.

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