Announcements (Wed, 18 Jan 2017)

1) As part of our effort to upgrade the facilities of SJBA Vihara to provide better environment and support services for our members and devotees, in addition to building the new block, the following places will be renovated on the dates as follows:
Kitchen: 15/12/16 to 10/3/17
Office, Library, Airwell area: 10/1/17 to 10/3/17
Please note that TCM, Metta and Vipassana Meditation, Yoga, Longevitology sessions in the respective Hall or rooms or Airwell Area will need to be temporarily closed during the above periods.
Other activities will go on as usual, eg. our regular Sunday Puja Service (English), New & Full Moon Chanting & Vegetarian Lunch, Breakfast & Lunch Dana for Monks and other activities using the Shrine Hall (no renovation in Shrine Hall except some cabling works, video system upgrade and relocating the sound system to the left).
Our Sunday Dhamma School will reopen on 9th April 2017 for existing and new Students.
2) On this Chinese New Year Eve (27 January 2017) , SJBA’s Resident Monk, Venerable Indarathana will conduct a New Year Blessings for devotees at our Shrine Hall at 11pm. On the first day of Chinese New Year (28 January 2017) Ven. Indarathana will conduct New Year Blessings at 10am followed by lunch dana at 11am, and then another New Year Blessings Session at 12.30pm. If you wish to partake in this auspicious blessing service for a better year ahead, abundantly blessed, do come and join us.
In view of the ongoing construction and renovation works going on in SJBA Vihara, we have decided not to organise our annual Gong Xi Gong Xi Dinner in SJBA this year (earlier scheduled on 11 February 2017).
SJBA Youth Section members together with some Dhamma School children will be making house calls on 12 February 2017 to bring Chinese New Year greetings and songs, Buddhist hymns and good wishes to the hosts and family. Those who wish to invite them to your homes on 12 February 2017 can book through Sis Lily or Sis Cindy at Tel. 03-56348181 or 03-56315299.
3) This Sunday Dhamma Talk (22/1/17, after Buddha Puja at 9.30am) is on “The Seven Types of Obsessions” by Venerable Dedunupitiye Upananda. Venerable Upananda has been a Buddhist monk for 35 years. He holds a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Pali from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka, a Master of Arts in comparative religion from Florida International University at Miami, a Master of Philosophy in comparative religion from the University of Cambridge in England, Certification in Addiction Studies from Mount Royal University in Canada, and a Graduate Diploma in English Language teaching from London Teacher Training College. He has taught meditation at the US Department of Justice and different police departments in the United States. He has taught religion at Florida International University and the University of Kelaniya. He is Chief Sanghanayake of North America, the Head of Ehipassiko Buddhist Centre in Canada, a meditation instructor, and a child, family and juvenile guidance counsellor.

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