Announcements (Wednesday, 12 September 2018)

1) SJBA is organising a potluck dinner for Mooncake Family Night on next Saturday, 22/9/2018, at 7.00pm. All are welcome. Please bring along your specialty dish. In line with SJBA’s efforts in promoting a caring and sharing community, we are inviting underprivileged children to join us in our celebration. We aim to fulfil the simple wishes of these children through our Children’s Wish Fulfillment program. If you wish to sponsor the items of these children wishes, please contact Sis. Lily at 03-56348181.

We encourage you to bring your family and friends along to the temple on this Mooncake Family Night.

2) All devotees are welcome to our Monday Metta Meditation session at SJBA Meditation Hall from 8.30pm to 9.45pm. This cultivation of metta focus on loving kindness to oneself, loved ones and all other beings. On every 1st Monday, our Resident Monk will be guiding the meditators especially the newcomers.

3) All devotees are welcome to have self-practice in Vipassana Meditation on Thursdays from 8.30pm to 9.45pm at our Meditation Hall.

4) There will be Day Retreat in SJBA during New Moon and Full Moon Days from 9am to 5pm. The Retreat is free and easy and participants can feel free to join in or leave any time. Vegetarian lunch will be provided.

5) There will be a special Dhamma Talk by Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasara in SJBA Shrine Hall on 30 September 2018 (Sunday), 8.30pm, followed by Breakfast Dana on 1 October and 2 October, 6.30am in SJBA. Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasara, 81 years old with 51 vassa, is the Abbot of Wat Santivanaram. He was once under the tutelage of Luang Pu Whaen (disciple of of Luang Pu Mun) and other famous meditation teachers. Luang Pu Boonsong Thittasara now teaches monks and lay devotees in the forest tradition.

6) SJBA invite you and family and friends to a spiritual and mentally enriching morning at this Sunday’s Buddha Puja commencing at 9.15am with offering of lights, flowers and incense to the Buddha, chanting, blessings and Dhamma Talk on the Jara Sutta by Venerable Santa.

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