Announcements (Wednesday, 15 July 2015)

image0011. To-date SJBA have received donations of about RM 2.96 million for its Building Extension. The cost of construction of the new building is RM5 million. We look forward for more help to raise the balance in order for us to successfully complete the construction of the new building by June 2016.

2. Amongst various ways to raise funds for the construction of the new block, SJBA has an on-going “Donate a Brick” campaign. Each brick is RM100. The donors can write their name and sign on the bricks which will be used for the construction of the new block. For further information, please call Sis Lily at 03-56348181.

3. There are limited number of tickets left for “Imee Ooi Concert – Sound of Wisdom” on 1 August 2015, Saturday, 3.00pm at Istana Budaya. Only RM250 and RM200 tickets available in SJBA. Please call Sis Lily at Tel. 03-56348181.

4. In conjunction with the 58th Merdeka Day Celebration in SJBA on 31 August 2013 and to encourage our members’ children to strive for excellence in their academic performance, SJBA will present Academic Excellence Awards to students who excelled in their examinations in 2014. The Awards will be given out on Merdeka Day, 31 August 2015. Application will close on 31 July 2015. For more information, please call Sis. Lily at tel. 03-56315299.

5. SJBA is making the invitation to Venerable Mahacara on 1st August 2015, Monday, 8.30pm to enter Vassa (Rains Retreat) in SJBA. The program will include taking the 3 Refuges and observe the 5 Precepts, formal invitation to Venerable Mahacara to stay in SJBA for the 3-month Vassa, determination by the Venerable, offering of robes and requisites to the Sangha followed by chanting and sharing of merits. Members and devotees are invited to witness this Vassa Entry Ceremony.

Members and devotees are also invited to participate in the 5th Day Vassa Chanting on 5th August 2015, Wednesday, 7.30pm, to commemorate the day the Buddha taught the Anattalakkhana Sutta to His first 5 disciples of the Buddha who had by listening to this sermon, meditating on the five aggregates of clinging and realizing the higher stages of supramundane knowledge that lead them to the attainment of Arahantship.

6. This Sunday (19/7/15, 10.00am) Dhamma Talk (in English) is on “Kamma” by Bro Mui Han. Bro Mui Han has been a Buddhist since the age of 13. He started active Buddhist work in his secondary school Buddhist Society. He was the President of St. John’s Institution Buddhist Society KL from 1993 – 1997. His other appointments include EDSG Director in Persatuan Buddhis UPM (PBUPM) in 1999/2000 and were a member of the first Nalanda Buddhist Society, Serdang (NBS) committee in 2003/2004, Committee member of Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (BMSM) Youth Section (2006-2010) and member of Aloka Foundation Management Committee (2008-2010).

Mui Han also co-founded a youth group in 1998 and was later formalize to be known as Dhammaduta Youths (D2Y) in 2000. D2Y have been running annual year-end Buddhist camps for secondary school students since 1998 till today. D2Y seeks contemporary ways of understanding the sublime Buddhist teachings through total engagement with youths. In experimenting with various forms of media (including an accapella choir group), D2Y challenges Buddhist Youths today to re-evaluate their principles in living, a competitive
and challenging world today.

7. This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk in Mandarin (19/7/15 11.30am) is off and will
resume on 26 July 2015.

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