Bojjhanga Sutta

Dhamma Relieves All Ills
First Wednesday of Every Month, Beginning 6-Feb-2013
SJBA Vihara, 8.30pm



caring“The suttas the Buddhists recite for protection are known as Paritta Chanting. Here, ‘Protection’ means shielding ourselves from various forms of evil spirits, misfortunes, sickness and influence of planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.”

-Late Chief Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda-


Once the Buddha saw Venerable Kassapa and Venerable Moggallana were suffering and ill, He expounded the doctrine of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment. Even when the Buddha Himself was afflicted with illness, Elder Cunda was requested to recite that very doctrine with due reference. In each occasion after listening to the doctrine they were delighted and were liberated from their illnesses. As seemed, these Paritta recitals have the potency to bring about a cure.

SJBA Chantingfarers have an aspiration that by chanting the Bojjhanga Sutta will relieve one from all ailments. By this asseveration of Truth may you be well and happy.


Opening Salutation,

Salutation to The Buddha, Salutation to The Bodhi Tree, Invitation to Deva

Round the Bodhi Tree 3x & Recollection of The Triple Gem,

Puja, Salutation to The Buddha,

Taking 3 Refuges,

Observance of the 5 Precepts,

Puja Chanting,

Loving Kindness Meditation,

Chanting the Bojjhanga & Metta Sutta,

Sharing of Merits & Aspirations,

Distribution of blessed water.

(You are encouraged to bring your own water)

Another Successful Educare

SJBA have another very meaningful event today, with about 500 needy students, of various races, receiving school bags, shoes, stationery, etc from SJBA, thanks to the generous donations from our members and well-wishers. YB Hannah Yeoh also contributed RM10,000 on behalf of the Selangor State Government.
We hope that the students will be motivated to study hard and excel in their studies, and have a bright future.
We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the organisers led by Bro James Khoo, and all the helpers and each and everyone who make this SJBA 7th Educare Program another great success!

Bojjhanga & Metta Chanting 5 Dec 2012

Namo Buddhaya.

 Every first Wednesday of the month, you are invited to join the SJBA Chantingfarers to chant the Bojjhanga Sutta & Metta Sutta for the well being of yourself or your loved ones.

However, as the names requested for radiating of Metta/Loving kindness are getting longer, we cordially request only those who are seriously ill, hospitalised or bed-ridden, before or post-surgery patients and those who cannot attend this Bojjhanga & Metta Chanting Session; be given their names to the Venerable Member of the Sangha for blessings.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you.

 SJBA Chantingfarers

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