Chinese New Year message from SJBA Abbot Bhante Nyanaramsi

Chinese New Year message from SJBA Abbot Bhante Nyanaramsi

To : All Upāsakas and Upāsikās, pious meditators of Satipaṭṭhāna Vipassanā Meditation, and devotees of Triple Gem
Sukhi Hotu ! Happy Chinese New Year !
May all of you, and all sentient beings be well, happy and peaceful, and be healthy always.
May all of you always possess right aspirations, and be successful and prosperous in your mundane and spiritual life. An wholehearted aspiration is an essential impetus, spurring one to realize what is yet-to-realize in the Teachings of the Buddha. Thus, I sincerely wish that you do possess a few noble aspirations in accordance with the Dhamma, such as :
– – I shall remain steadfast in following the Teachings of the Buddha, i.e., Dhamma and Vinaya (discipline, morality), while living in agreeable, pleasant, as well as disagreeable, unpleasant conditions of life and the world.

– – I shall undertake the training of Vinaya diligently, overcoming bad behaviour and unwholesome conducts which arise due to impurities of thoughts, and consciously shaping my behaviour and conducts (mental, verbal, and physical) to be beautiful and endearing, and thus, conducting myself to the true sense of “Vinaya”.

– – I shall endeavour to uphold myself in the Dhamma-way, practising what is beneficial to oneself and others in the world, and cultivating the virtues of patience, tolerance, loving-kindness and compassion.

– – I shall put forth extraordinary efforts to refine my mind by the task of mental culture, which aims to eradicate the root of defilements and impurities of the mind by the attainment of Supramundane Path, so that all my deeds will no longer be tainted by them and become rotten.

– – I shall develop courage to achieve the ultimate goal of following the Teachings of the Buddha, by the practice of Dhamma and Vinaya, and be endowed with impeccable cultured conduct of thought, speech and bodily deed.

May all of you and sentient beings be able to bear in mind the significance of Dhamma and Vinaya, and practicing them sincerely and diligently in daily life.
“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”, as the saying goes.

May all will strive to realize the ultimate goal – – ultimate purity of thoughts for the sake of oneself and others, and for the sake of peace and happiness in the world.

With thoughts of loving-kindness,
U Nyanaramsi

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