(CHANGE OF DATE TO 27/7/2014 (Sunday)) Durian -Mangosteen -Rambutan feast for SJBA Building Extension

CHANGE OF DATE TO 27/7/2014 (Sunday)

Due to the expected shortage of durian on 3rd August, we are bringing forward
the event to 27/7/2014 (Sunday)at the same time & place.

durian mangosteen rambutan

Durian / Mangosteen / Rambutan Feast
Eat To Raise Fund For
SJBA Building Extension
SJBA is organizing a durian “ makan-makan “ for all devotees/friends
Eat as much as you can within 1 hour for each session.

Normal Durians

Time / Session I : 1.00pm – 2.00pm
Time / Session II : 2.15pm – 3.15pm

Adult : RM30
Children (10 and below): RM10

Top Grade Durians

Sponsor a table of RM1000 for 10 people. (1pm – 3pm)

Please register with Sis. Lily by 27/7/2014 to purchase coupons.

Date : 3rd August 2014 (Sunday)

Venue : SJBA Playground

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