Humanitarian Aid to flood victims in Sri Lanka

Fellow Mitras,

Due to the recent heavy floods in central, north central and eastern Sri Lanka, at least 42 people have been killed and 265,000 have been affected by the floods. The floods have inundated a number of large towns and rural areas, forcing hospitals to evacuate patients and roads to close after landslides. Hundreds of thousands of acres of agricultural land have also been affected.

In response to the appeal from the Ven Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera, Chief Monk of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul, SJBA promptly responded by donating biscuits, sardine, dry beans, mee hoon, maggi mee, milo, milk and school items like shoes, stationeries, etc. worth about RM8,000.00. We wish our contributions can help to bring relief to those suffering flood victims. May they be well & happy!

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May suffering ones be suffering-free
May the fear-struck fearless be
May the grief shed all grief
May all beings find relief
With metta,
SJBA, Your Friendly & Caring Dhamma Centre



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