Is a house of calmness, knowledge and wisdom;

Is a place for spiritual cultivation;

Is a community centre for fellow Buddhists.


When we’re in SJBA Vihara,

We keep ourselves calm and mindful

So that we listen to ourselves, our family, our friends

And the Dhamma that supports us.


When we’re in SJBA Vihara,

We learn to make new friends

So that we practice love and sharing;

As we understand that fellowship

Sustains our spiritual advancement.


When we’re in SJBA Vihara,

We extend our services

So that others may benefit;

As we live and grow so may others too.


When we’re in SJBA Vihara,

We open our minds to learn, to humbly absorb knowledge;

For self-improvement and spiritual growth

That makes life so meaningful.


When we’re in SJBA Vihara,

Remember that oneself is the Vihara:-

At any time, at any place;

That one’s mind is the foundation,

That one’s speech is the decoration,

That one’s action is the building.

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