Message from Ven. Indarathana


2020 was a challenging year for us all yet it has given us invaluable life lessons that makes us more compassionate, more empathetic and wiser human being.
We should now realise how unpredictable our life and this world is and how painful it is to face it if we are not ready to accept its true nature.
We should accept that I am not a separate entity (Anatta)in this world but interconnected with each and every corner of the world and every organism as even a tiny virus can have immense effect and impact on all of us. Finally we this makes us realise that good health is our greatest gain and contentment is greatest wealth.

Therefore, i suggest you in this new year, let’s be more grateful for this very moment of our life simply because we are alive.
If you are grateful, you act out of a sense of enough (abundance) and not out of a sense of scarcity so you will be kind and generous always. More importantly, you will be happy each and every moment. This is called Contentment (Santussako).

Let’s develop a strong inner peace in us in this new year which will never be disturbed by any external event ??

I would be grateful and thankful to all kind and generous supporters of Santussako including our beloved Chief Reverend, Datin Rosalind and other Santussako Exco Commitee members, Bro Chim and other Exco Commitee of SJBA, all the Donors of Santussako Hermitage and all those who help us encouraged us even with a word. Your immense support make construction of Santussako Hermitage main Sangha residence a success even within this difficult time. ??????

May the noble triple gem bless you and your family. May you have healthy happy and contented new year 2021.


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