SJBA Educare 2013

On 15 December 2013, about 530 student needy students of various races received school bags, books, stationary, etc worth about RM100 each from SJBA, thanks to the generous contribution from our members, devotees and well-wishers. Subang Jaya’s ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh also contributed RM10,000 and the Selangor State Government contributed shoe vouchers worth RM30 for the students to choose their own shoes at Bata outlets.

We hope that through this simple but sincere gesture, the students are motivated to study better and achieve academic success and eventual success in life. We wish to thank the Selangor State Government, Pejabat ADUN Subang Jaya, our members, devotees and others who have kindly donated to this meaningful project. We also thank the Organising Team led by Bro James Khoo and all the helpers for making this Educare Program a reality for the good, benefit and happiness of so many poor students. One family with 3 children (picture) expressed their gratitude to SJBA and all those who make this Educare Program a great help to the needy. The father, Mr Muneandy Selvam has been without a steady job for 4 years due his slip disc problem. Starting a new school term is a big burden to him without a steady income. He was very amazed at the selfless altitude of SJBA members who happily provide a good service to the poor irrespective of race and religion. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to SJBA and all the donors and helpers.

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