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Special Metta Session 14-November-2018

Dear dhamma friends. Recently there have been many natural disasters and accidents in our neighbouring countries and around the world. As a result, thousands of people are suffering mentally, emotionally and physically…

As followers of the great compassionate Teacher, the Buddha as well as fellow human beings we all need to care for one and another. Even though we cannot be with the victims to help them physically or materially, we can still help them with our kind compassionate hearts. Our power of mind is amazing. Collectively, we can heal them and bring them relief.

SJBA will be organising a special Metta Session *to radiate metta to all people who are suffering from these recent disasters around the world on *14th Wednesday, November 2018 at 8.30-10pm at SJBA.

Please come with your family members & friends to join us in radiating abundant metta to all sentient beings who are suffering…