Bhojjanga Session this Saturday, 3 September, 8pm

The Bhojjanga Chanting on this Saturday 3 September, 8.00pm will be led by Venerable Sujatha Maha Thera and Venerable Indarathana to recite the Parittas for protection from various forms of evil spirits, misfortunes, sickness and influence of planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.

Ven. Sujatha Maha Thera will also lead us in a session of healing through loving-kindness meditation.

All are welcome.

LovingKindness Meditation

Bojjhanga & Metta Chanting 5 Dec 2012

Namo Buddhaya.

 Every first Wednesday of the month, you are invited to join the SJBA Chantingfarers to chant the Bojjhanga Sutta & Metta Sutta for the well being of yourself or your loved ones.

However, as the names requested for radiating of Metta/Loving kindness are getting longer, we cordially request only those who are seriously ill, hospitalised or bed-ridden, before or post-surgery patients and those who cannot attend this Bojjhanga & Metta Chanting Session; be given their names to the Venerable Member of the Sangha for blessings.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you.

 SJBA Chantingfarers

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