Selangor Wesak 2013 Celebration

Selangor Wesak 2013 Celebration 

The Selangor State Government with the cooperation of Selangor Buddhist Development Committee and support of various Buddhist groups in Selangor, including Subang Jaya Buddhist Association will be organising the State Level Wesak Celebration as detailed below:


Date                 Sunday, 16th June 2013

Time                7.00pm-9.45pm

Venue             Auditorium Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam


The program will be very interesting and include musical and dance performances by Asia Musical Production, Temple of Fine Arts, FGSM, etc.

A bus will be provided for SJBA’s members, leaving SJBA at 6pm. (Please have your own dinner first). Please call Sis Lily or Cindy at 03-56348181, 56315299 to reserve your seat in the bus, first-come-first-serve.


Happily we serve,

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SJBA – Your Friendly and Caring Dhamma Centre

Fly The Buddhist Flag

BuddhistFlag-sThis Wesak 2013, let us fly the Buddhist Flag from our house on Wesak Eve and Wesak Day.

Let the Buddhist Flag be seen. Let this beautiful banner flutter from the roofs and windows of houses, condos and shops all across this country. Drape it across your balcony, gate or fence. Lift it up in your garden. Join us to make this campaign a success.

When we gaze at the Buddhist Flag, we see a potent symbol of faith, global unity and world peace. The colours of the flag symbolizes the Buddhist ideals of compassion, purity and wisdom and the blessings that come from the all encompassing truth of Dhamma.

Where to get your very own Buddhist Flag?
You can buy at SJBA.

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