What Buddhists Believe

What Buddhists Believe

A study of the fundamental concepts of Buddhism


Based on the book “What Buddhists Believe” by Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda.

Course Facilitators are Bro. Ananda Fong and Bro. Tan Siang Chye.


Classes starts at 8:30 pm every Friday from 17 June until 23 August 2013

Date Session Titles Topics/Pages
14 June Getting to know the Buddha Life of the Buddha (pages 2-31)
21 June Is Buddhism Obsolete in the
21st Century?
Dependent Origination (p.141),
Buddhism and Science (p.344),
Origin of the world (p.380)
28 June Nature of the World Four Noble Truths (p.97),
Anicca (p.110),
Anatta (p.155)
5 July The Re-Discovered Path The Noble Eightfold Path (p.102)
12 July Saint & Sinner – What Makes One..? Kamma (p.113),
No sinners (p.238)
19 July I Have Been Here Before! Rebirth (p.129)
26 July The Happiness Recipe Pessimism? (p.165),
Precepts (p.208)
2 Aug More Happiness Secrets Ten meritorious actions/ten evil actions (p. 192)
16 Aug The Three Refuges and
Buddhist Texts
The Tipitaka (p.82),
Vinaya & Sangha (p.192),
Refuges (p.232)
23 Aug Misconceptions about Buddhism
Is Buddha a God? (p. 16),
First Cause (p. 150),
God Idea (p. 331),
A Buddhist Funeral (p.229),
Idol Worship (p. 331)
Vegetarianism (p. 281),
Abortion & Suicide (p. 308),,
Way to Paradise/End of the World (p.340),
Mercy Killing (p.372)


The course uses as reference the book “What Buddhist Believe” by Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda (expanded 4th edition, 2002). It is also a wonderful book to own and read

To enroll please contact Sis. Cindy Sim at the SJBA office at 03- 56315271

May you be well an happy always

with Metta

on Behalf of SJBA Dhamma Subcommittee.