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Announcements (Thursday, 19 June 2014)

image00141) SJBA is organizing a 4-day Samatha & Vipassana Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop conducted by Ven. Aggacitta Maha Thera over two weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 28, 29 June and 5,6 July) in SJBA Shrine Hall. Hence, for these 2 Sundays, our regular Sunday Puja Service will be held at our Dana Hall.

2) For those who wish to offer Lunch Dana over the 2 weekends, please note that Ven. Aggacitta food should be preferably steamed, without oil, ginger, garlic nor onions, no pork, corns, cabbage. Rice should be brown or red rice, organic. Lunch dana for the workshop participants are also welcome. Dana in the form of services to help prepare and offer the lunch as well as cleaning are also most welcome.

3) SJBA is making the invitation to Venerable Dhammapala on 12th July 2014, Saturday, 8.30pm -10.00pm (at our Shrine Hall) to enter Vassa (Rains Retreat) in SJBA. The program will include taking the 3 Refuges and observe the 5 Precepts, formal invitation to the Sanga Members to stay in SJBA for the 3-month Vassa so that we can organise the Kathina, determination by the Sangha, offering of robes and requisites to the Sangha followed by chanting and sharing of merits. Members and devotees are invited to witness this Vassa Entry Ceremony

4) Members and devotees are invited to participate in the 5th Day Vassa Chanting on 16th July 2014, Wednesday, 8.30pm, at SJBA Shrine Hall, to commemorate the day the Buddha taught the Anattalakkhana Sutta to His first 5 disciples of the Buddha who had by listening to this sermon, meditating on the five aggregates of clinging and realizing 3 higher stages of supramundane knowledge that lead them to the attainment of Arahantship.

5) This Sunday morning’s Dhamma Talk in English (29/6/14, 10am) will be held at our Dana Hall. The Talk will be given by Sis. Tan Yee Yong. Sis. Yee Yong graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Sience and
MBA. She obtained MA in Buddhist Studies from IBC, Thailand. She is now
a Dhamma Committee Member of SJBA.

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