Message From Ven. Nyanaramsi

To : Exco and Members of SJBA, Upasakas and Upasikas

Sukhi Hotu and Happy Chinese New Year !

It is a festive time again to celebrate with family, relatives and friends. One this auspicious occasion,  everyone also wishes that the blessings of good health, prosperity, well and safe etc bestowed on them, their families, loved ones and others too. All blessings, surely, will come to those who have the right aspirations to live by the true Dhamma.
Thus, it is my sincere wish to all who have gone to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha for refuge, and seeking blessings in life,will bear in mind the right aspirations in accordance with the Teachings of the Buddha :
1. to become accomplished in faith with right understanding in the Triple Gem;
2. to become accomplished in virtue — unblemished morality and earn one’s living in accordance with the Dhamma;
3. to become accomplished in generosity — delighting in giving and sharing for every worthy cause; and
4. to become accomplished in wisdom — striving to develop mundane and supramundane wisdom which leads to complete removal of Three Roots of Evil (greed, hatred and delusion”), and to the realization of Enlightenment.
Ultimately, may all of you would have the right aspirations to become a gem-like follower of Triple Gem who has unshakeable faith; morality remains absolutely pure; does not believe in superstitious omens; relies on one’s own kamma, not on omens; and does not seek spiritually worthy one outside the Buddha’s dispensation and one shows honour here first.
Be Heedful and Happy Striving (to cultivate upright thought, upright acts of body and speech) to become accomplished, realizing the blessings for yourself and the world will, definitely share your blessings.
With metta,
U Nyanaramsi

致: 首邦再也佛教會之委員們, 會員們, 众优婆塞及优婆夷
新年快樂, 幸福吉祥!
在此吉祥年, 大家與家人,親友們同歡共庆當中,都不忘為家人,親朋戚友等祈求健康,幸福,平安等的福報.如您有正直的心願,依正法生活,ㄧ切幸福必定走向您而來.
因此, 真誠地祝福大家,身為三宝的弟子,牢記在心中,依佛陀的教誨,具有正直的願望 :
1. 信心圓滿 — 于三宝的信心兼具正見;
2. 戒行圓滿 — 完全清淨的德行及一切生計依法而得,
3. 善施圓滿 — 樂施與分享, 盡力而為, 以培育高尚之心為目標;
4. 智慧圓滿 — 精進培育世間與出世間的智慧, 斷除三毒(貪,瞋, 痴), 達到究竟的覺悟.
祝願大家達到最終的目標,具有正直的心願 :- 实成為如无比價值之宝的三宝弟子 — 信心堅定不移; 戒行无瑕疵; 遠離凡夫所迷信的徵兆; 信自业才是可靠的依怙,不依賴預兆; 只在佛陀的教誨尋求(能引導众生得至解脫)的良師,善知識, 在此教法中, 給予优先的礼敬.