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Announcement (Sunday, 29 Dec 2013)

image00141) SJBA is organizing a New Year Blessing Night cum Charity Countdown (in assistance of the Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya) on this Tuesday, 31 December 2013 to usher in 2014. It is a good time for all of us to come together to reinforce our fellowship, show our care for the less fortunate, and at the same time, reflect on our deeds and make aspirations to improve ourselves in the coming year. The program will begin at 8.30pm with Buddha Puja, Blessings by the Sangha, Reflections on 2013 and making Aspirations for 2014, followed by refreshment (mee siam, bubur cha cha, etc.), karaoke fund-raising and countdown, accompanied by some fireworks to user in the New Year. Please bring your family and friends to join us to user in a better year. Karaoke enthusiasts are requested to bring their favorite discs.

2) Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) conducts weekly Mandarin Dhamma talks every Sunday, 11.30am-12.30pm. The first talk in 2014 will be given by Sister Yee Yean on the topic ‘Learning to be Good’ on 5 Jan 2014, followed by ‘The Law of Cause and Effect’ by Sister Yee Yong. Please inform your relatives and friends. For enquiries, please contact : 03-56348181 or visit

3) SJBA Sunday Dhamma School will reopen on 5th January 2014 for both new and old students. For new registration, please contact Sis Lily at 03-56348181,

4) This morning’s (29/12/13) Dhamma Talk is on “Meditation or Self-Hypnosis?” which will explain the differences between the two and how to avoid self-hypnosis during meditation. The Speaker, Bro. Billy Tan is a Professional Trainer and Business Development Consultant who has trained countless corporate executives and business professionals in more than 20 countries over the past three decades. Bro. Billy is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as being certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, USA, in Clinical Hypnotherapy. In recent years Bro. Billy has conducted several professional training programs for resident and visiting Monks at the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Professional Presentation, Public Relations, Community Services, Leadership, and Management. In sharing the Dhamma, Bro. Billy researches discoveries from the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology to present teachings of the Buddha from a scientific perspective.

May You Be Well Happy, Always!

Happily we serve,


27th December 2013

“SJBA – Your Friendly and Caring Dhamma Centre”


Fellow Mitras,

SJBA cordially invite you, family and friends to:


Monday, 31st December 2012

{ 8.30pm to Midnight }

An opportunity for all our members and devotees to come together to bid farewell to 2012 and to welcome 2013 with A Compassionate Heart & Mind. It is a charity countdown as fund shall be raised for our special friends from Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya {P3KU} who will join us in our celebration.


Karaoke Fund-raising
Supper { Satay, Mee Siam, Veg Curry, Bubur Cha Cha, etc… }
Reflection on 2012 & Aspiration for 2013

So please don’t miss this opportunity to end the current year and to begin the new year with A Compassionate Heart & Mind, Bring your family, friends and neighbours to the vihara this New Year Eve for our Charity Countdown to savour the delicious food and to sing your heart out for a very good cause.

P/S : Reminder to all the karaoke enthusiasts, please bring along your favourite discs.


8.30pm At the Main Shrine Hall
President’s New Year Message
Sing Along Buddhist Hymns
Reflection on 2012 {slideshow}

9.30pm At the Car Park Area
Karaoke Fund-raising
Countdown begins at 11.55pm
Aspiration for 2013

May You & Your Family Be Well & Happy Always

With Metta
Bro Steven

ANNOUNCEMENTS (16th December, Sunday)


ANNOUNCEMENTS (16th December, Sunday)

1) SJBA is organizing a New Year Eve Blessing Night on December 31, 2012 (Saturday) to usher in 2013. It is a good time for all of us to get together to reinforce our fellowship, and at the same time to reflect on our deeds, and make aspirations to continue to improve ourselves in the upcoming year. The program shall begin at 8.30pm by Buddha Puja, Chanting & Blessings by the Members of the Sangha, sing-a-long Buddhist Hymns, Reflection on 2012 and making Aspirations for 2013, followed by refreshment, performances and countdown to usher the new year. (Lighting of Blessing Oil Lamp will commence at 9.00am at the Vihara).

2) On this morning, Bhante Nyanaramsi will lead us in chanting and meditation to cultivate our mind and spiritual well-being. Morning Puja Service will start at 9.30am.

Please bring your family and friends to join us to usher in a better year.

May You Be Well & Happy, Always!

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