The Launching of Mandarin Dhamma Puja and Talk

Reported by Sis. Helen Khoo 1:22am Mar 16
10th March 2013 the launching of Mandarin Dhamma Puja & Talk at the Vihara Main Hall. Speaker is sis. Yee Yong who delivered pertinent pointers on the topic of ‘The Meaning of Life’! She illustrated through ‘storytelling of a couple’s life from young to old age and death; through a ticking pendulum swing clock – 3 minutes in cartoon form. She also gave practical insight through questions posed to the audience present eg; How long do U want to live your life? 60, 70, 80? How do U want to ‘live your life’? What is the % chance of us being born a ‘human being’ in our next life?
Why are there so many suicide cases of young people currently, what happened to ‘them’…is it because of problems & challenges they cannot accept…or is it they do not understand the real meaning of life itself? If our role is being a mother, a son or a daughter…we should dutifully fulfilled our role diligently as given in this present life. As a Buddhist or through Dhamma cultivation how do U want to live your life???

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