Friday Evening Dhamma Sharing 23-Oct-2020

Welcome to join us for an Online Friday Evening Dhamma Sharing, over Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Facebook Live, TODAY, Friday 23rd October, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
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Topic: Happiness is a choice Part 2- Sustaining with Right Livelihood & Beautiful Friendships.
How to increase wholesome deeds in our daily lives, caring for ourselves, family, friends and community.

A Dhamma Sharing: by Sis Low Mi Yen, a Clinical Psychologist.


SJBA will only be organising the KATHINA CEREMONY ONLINE this Sunday, 11 October 2020, for donors and devotees. There will not be any IN-PERSON offerings by the donors due to the need to safeguard the safety and health of our Venerable Monks, volunteer helpers and fellow devotees from Covid-19 infection.
The recent spike in Covid-19 infections nationwide as well as within our own neighbourhood USJ is of great concern to many of us.
Under such unprecedented conditions, we seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Robes and requisites donated by devotees will be offered to the Venerable Monks on their behalf. Donors will partake in these meritorious deeds ONLINE only.

Please contact Sis Lily if you wish to purchase any of the items below, we will be happy to offer on your behalf.
Tel: 03 5631 5299
Robes RM120
Requisites Tray RM400


During this Covid-19 pandemic period, we have to comply with the Government’s requirements of the RMCO & SOP.

For this year’s Kathina, we are pleased to announce that we have planned an Online Kathina for your convenience and safety,

opportunity to continue your support to the Sangha. We will offer requisite Trays, Robes and Donations on your behalf.

Please contact us, if you wish to purchase any of the above, we will be happy to offer on your behalf.

Tel: 03 5631 5299

Robes RM120

Requisites Tray RM400

Friday Dhamma Sharing 2-Oct-2020

We welcome you and family to join us for another Online Friday Evening Dhamma Sharing, over Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Facebook Live, Friday 2 October 2020, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Topic: Breaking Myths – #4: Life is Not All Suffering
A Dhamma Sharing: by Dr. Punna Wong.
Associate Professor in Internal Medicine at Monash University Malaysia.
He has been sharing Dhamma regularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, HCMC and Bangkok in the last decade.

Sunday Buddha Puja Service 27-Sept-2020

Welcome to SJBA Sunday’s Buddha Puja ONLINE, led by Ven. Dhammapala this Sunday, 27 Sep 2020 at 9.30am, followed by Dhamma Talk on “Dhamma Protectors: Devas, Yakkhas 佛教护法神: , 天神, 夜叉 “(in English and Mandarin).

* You may prepare a candle or oil lamp, flowers, etc to offer at your altar*
Please click on the above link by 9.25am

SJBA Visitor Registration and Declaration Form

SJBA Vihara can only accommodate a limited number of devotees at one time due to the need to comply with the SOP. To better manage the compliance, we wish to request our members and devotees to preregistered online to enter SJBA Vihara. Please call Sis Lily at 03-56348181 for clarification or further assistance.

Please follow the SOP when you come to SJBA during this period, wear mask, washing your hands regularly especially if you touch commonly touched surfaces, social distancing, etc etc Together we protect one another.

Merdeka 2020

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
Yes! The Nation will be celebrating its 63rd anniversary of Merdeka soon. Inspite of the Covid-19 pandemic, we shall continue to celebrate with the usual Merdeka spirit.
Join us for the Online Special Sunday’s Buddha Puja and Blessings Service in commemoration of Merdeka TOMORROW, SUNDAY, 30th Aug, starting at 9.30am, over Subang Jaya Buddhist Association Facebook Live.
Please share this news with your families, relatives and friends.
“Happy Merdeka!”

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