Subang Jaya Buddhist Association was registered on 23rd November 1988. At the inaugural meeting of the newly registered Association on 30th June 1989 the first 10 members of the Association formed the first Executive Committee. We started our activities in August 1989 at a rented Semi-D house at No. 9, Jalan SS14/5D, 47500 Subang Jaya.

Working together generally in good teamwork, the 10 pioneer members began to organize many Dhamma Talks, meditation classes and retreats, community service and fellowship activities. Many more residents in Subang Jaya joined the newly formed Association and the Centre very quickly became a community and spiritual center for many Buddhists in and around Subang Jaya.  Realizing the importance of providing Dhamma education for the younger generations, the Sunday Dhamma School was formed in 1989 headed by Sis. Gin Geng who was also the Dhamma Sub-committee Chairperson.  In 1990, Sis. Teh Siok Im (Mrs Wang) took over the responsibility of Sunday Dhamma School Headmistress and had worked diligently to build a strong team of volunteer teachers to expand the Sunday Dhamma School by leaps and bounds.

To provide food for our Sunday School children and our devotees every Sundays and also for other occasions, we have a very dedicated team of kitchen helpers working so hard to cook for them. The spirit of volunteerism in SJBA is marvelous. Many individuals come to the SJBA to help in the cleaning of the Temple and offer their help as volunteers in one way or another like organizing Buddhism courses, Kathina, Wesak Day Celebration, Pattidana. etc.

SJBA then - 1989

In 1993, the SJBA Youth Section was formed by Bro. Ong Beng Chung to cater to the needs of the teenagers and youngsters. Over the years, the Youth Section had organized many activities and projects that attracted many young people and teenagers to come and learn the Dhamma as well as important living skills such as peers-interaction, social, communication and leadership skills. Their Dhamma Camps can easily attracted more than 100 young participants.

One of the meaningful achievement of our Association is our success in obtaining an ½ acre piece of state land in 1992 at a token amount of RM300.00 from the Selangor State Government to build our new Temple. This is made possible with the strong support and assistance of, Dato’ Tang See Hang and Dato’ Ng Soon Por Selangor who were the State Executive Councillors at that time. The Qualified Title for the land was received in 1994. The construction work of the new Temple commenced in July 1996 and was completed on September 1997. We moved into the new Temple in November 1997.

SJBA now - 2013

Since then, we have organized many Dhamma and fellowship activities and community services. Most activities organized by the Association received encouraging response from our members and devotees as well as members of the public. For example, there was tremendous response to the relief effort organized by SJBA for the victims of the Tsunami in Acheh andSri Lanka, Johore Flood, Nargis Cyclone in Myanmar etc. Besides food, medicine and others, SJBA raised RM75,000 for the Nargis Cyclone victims. Bhante Nyanramsi personally led a small delegation to Myanmarto hand over the cash to the right people actually involved in the relief effort. There is also very good response to the on-going Wellness Program organized by SJBA which includes health talks, traditional and complementary medical treatment, yoga sessions, etc. The success of SJBA is due to magnificent teamwork of our members working together in peace and harmony to achieve the Association’s mission and vision.

The success of our Association was also due to the strong support and spiritual guidance of the members of the Sangha. We are very thankful and grateful to our Venerable Nyanaramsi, to our late Chief Reverend Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thero, and Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero, Sayadaw U Silacara, Sayadaw Nyanananda, Sayadaw U Pandita, Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa and other members of the Sangha for their support and guidance all these years.

For the continued success of the Association, we need the continued broad-based support and contribution of our members and devotees. We hope all our members and devotees will continue to support and help us in achieving our mission and our vision.

May All Beings Be Well and Happy!

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