Announcements (Friday, 27 December 2019)


1) SJBA cordially welcome you and family and friends to our New Year Countdown Gathering this 31 December 2019. The program is as follows:

7.30pm – 8.30pm                      28-Buddha Puja Chanting

8.30pm – 10.00pm                     Homecook Buffet Dinner at New Dana Hall

10.00pm – 11.30pm                   28-Buddha Chanting & Dedication of Merits

11.30pm – Midnight                   New Year Countdown

00.01pm – 00.30am (1/1/2020)  New Year Blessings by Venerable Members of the Sangha

2) SJBA will be conducting the forthcoming Grand 28 Buddhas Puja Ceremony on 4 January 2020, Saturday, 7.00pm – 10.00pm. In preparation for this auspicious occasion, the Venerable Members of the Sangha will be leading in the Chanting of the 28 Buddhas daily (8.30am – 11.00am . 7.30pm – 10.00pm plus afternoon session at 1.00pm – 3.00pm on Saturday and Sunday) until a total of 1,000 times. Sponsorship for this auspicious events are most welcome (Main Sponsor RM1,000 and sponsorship of any amount). Please contact Sis Lily 03-56348181 or bank-in online to CIMB No. 8003294666 (Subang Jaya Buddhist Association).  

3) SJBA Sunday Dhamma School will reopen on 16 February 2020, Sunday for both new and old students (age from 5 years to 16 years old). Registration of new students will also be conducted on the same day. 

4) SJBA invite you and family and friends to a spiritual and mentally enriching morning at this Sunday’s Buddha Puja commencing at 9.15am with offering of lights, flowers and incense to the Buddha, chanting led by Venerable Indarathana, blessings, Dhamma Talk by Bro. Chim on the “Significance of the 28 Buddhas Puja” and sharing of merits.

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