Announcements (Thursday, 21 January 2016)

image00141) To-date SJBA have received donations of about RM 3.3 million for its Building Extension. The cost of construction of the extension block is RM5 million (not including GST and interior design works). We look forward for more help to raise the balance in order for us to successfully complete the construction of the new building.

We plan to have a grand fund raising dinner to raise as much as possible to make up the shortfall. The dinner is scheduled on 7 May 2016 at Restaurant Extra Supertanker @ the Club, Bandar Utama. The renowned Caring and Sharing Choir will be our guest performers at the dinner. Dato’ Leonard Tan will most likely give a 20 minutes cameo performance too.
The dinner tables will be priced at RM20,000, RM10,000, RM5,000 and RM3,000. We have also decided to acknowledge the donors if they donated RM1.28 million for the Dana Hall or Multipurpose Meditation Hall, and/or RM100,000 for the Dhamma or Senior Citizen Rooms, by having their names displayed at the respective halls or rooms. We plan for all these as a final push, if possible, to raise enough funds to build our building extension rather than to ask from our members, devotees, donors, supporters and benefactors again and again. We have only about 80 tables. Please book your table or tickets early so as not to miss the opportunity to partake and witness another historical event and success of SJBA. Your support in building this temple extension is an excellent dana of inmeasurable merits which, upon fruition, will bring you abundance of good blessings.

2) SJBA is organizing another Introduction to Buddhism course from 26 February to 15 April 2016. The course will run for 8 consecutive Fridays from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and will be conducted by Uncle Vijaya, Dr. Chan Kah Yein and Datuk Charlie Chia. All are welcome. No pre-registration is required. Please contact Sis Lily at 03-56315299 for further information.

3) The topic of this Sunday (17/1/16, 10am) Dhamma Talk is “The Four Noble Truth” by Bro Mui Han. Bro Mui Han has been active in Buddhism since his school days. He was a former President of St. John’s Institution Buddhist Society KL, former EDSG Director in Persatuan Buddhis UPM (PBUPM), former committee member of Nalanda Buddhist Society, former Committee Member of Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia (BMSM) Youth Section and former member of Aloka Foundation Management Committee.

Mui Han also co-founded a Buddhist youth group that was later formalized to be known as Dhammaduta Youth (D2Y). D2Y have been running annual year-end Buddhist camps for secondary school students since 1998 till today.

4) This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk in Mandarin (at 11.30am) is on “Five Aggregates” by Sis Tan Yee Yong. Sis Tan Yee Yong graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Sience and MBA. She obtained MA in Buddhist Studies from IBC, Thailand. She is now a Dhamma committee member of SJBA.

这个星期日的讲题是”五阴”, 讲师是陈玉容居士. 玉容居士持有科学学士学位及商业硕士学位,在商业界工 作。她曾经是我们首邦再也佛教会青年组主席,及佛法小组组长 ,在学佛路上, 她持有佛教文凭及国际佛教 大学佛教研究文科硕士 。目前她是我们首邦再也佛教会 佛法委会小组成员.

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