Announcements (Thursday, 25 Aug 2016)

image0014(1) Members and devotees of SJBA are cordially invited to celebrate our country’s 59th Merdeka Day at SJBA on 31st August 2016 (Wednesday). The Celebration will start with a Merdeka Breakfast at 7.45am, followed by Flag Raising Ceremony, Blessings by the Venerable Monks, cutting of Merdeka cake and fellowship.
On the same day, SJBA is also organizing a Blessings Service for students sitting for UPSR, PT3, SPM, STPM, etc. examinations this year, conducted by the Members of the Sangha.

(2) SJBA’s “Buy a Brick” Campaign will stop on 31 August 2016. The Campaign has been very successful to raise funds for the construction of our extension block. Each brick is RM100 and donors can write their names on the bricks or sign on the bricks which will then be used for the construction of the new block. It is estimated the brick-works of our new block will be completed by mid September. All bricks sponsored from now to 31 August 2016 will be used to construct 3 new Monk Rooms at the Roof Top.

(3) In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival, SJBA is organizing a Mooncake Family Night on Saturday, 10th September 2016. It will be a fun-filled night to celebrate with family. In line with SJBA’s effort in promoting a caring and compassionate community, we have invited children from Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya (P3KU) to join us in our celebration.

Please remember to bring your lantern along for the traditional lantern procession round the temple to end the night. DINNER WILL BE SERVED, however we encourage you to bring some desserts to share with everyone. Please bring your family and friends to SJBA on Saturday, 9th September 2016, 7.00pm to join us in our fun-filled celebration.
(4) SJBA will be organising an Intermediate Course on Buddhism from 23 September to 28 October 2016. The course will run for 6 consecutive Fridays from 8.30pm to 10.00pm and will be conducted by Uncle Vijaya, Bro Charlie Chia and Dr Chan Kah Yein. The course will cover Buddhist views on contemporary issues and Buddhist living. All are welcome. Please contact Sis Cindy at 03-56348181 for further details.
(5) This Sunday Dhamma Talk (28/8/16, 10am) will be given by U Pannasara who is staying in SJBA Vihara for the Vassa. Sayadaw U Pannasara was in Myanmar in 1972. He was ordained at the age of 20 in Khun Taung Gyi. After passing his Buddhist Scriptures and Buddhist Scripture education (Dhammacariya) in 2003, he practised Vipassana Meditation at the Mahasi Meditation Centre under the guidance of Ven. Nayaka Sayadaw Jatila. He graduated from the Mahasi Training School for foreign Buddhist Mission.

Sayadaw U Pannasara has been teaching the Dhamma and Vipassana Meditation in Thailand and at the Lunas Hermitage, Kedah.

(6) This Sunday’s Dhamma Talk in Mandarin (28/8/16, 11.30am) is on “The Purpose of Practising Buddhishm” by Sis Tan Yee Yong. Sis Tan Yee Yong graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer Sience and MBA. She obtained MA in Buddhist Studies from IBC, Thailand. She is now a Dhamma committee member of SJBA.

这个星期日的讲题是 ” 佛教修行的目的是什么? ”, 讲师是陈玉容居士. 玉容居士持有科学学士学位及商业硕士学位,在商业界工作。她曾经是我们首邦再也佛教会青年组主席,及佛法小组组长 ,在学佛路上, 她持有佛教文凭及国际佛教大学佛教研究文科硕士 。目前她是我们首邦再也佛教会 佛法委会小组成员.

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