Announcements (Thursday, 3 November 2016)

image00141) This year is the 11th anniversary of the Educare Program in SJBA. For the last 10 years, we have been providing needy students with school items to start the new school term. It is expected that about 500 needy students will receive the school items on 4 December 2016. Each student will receive a full set of school items which consist of school bags, shoes, books, stationary, etc costing about RM108. The amount may not be a lot but it is a simple yet significant gesture to show our care and concern to the poor students. We hope that through this simple by sincere gesture, the students are motivated to study better and achieve academic success and eventually success in life. You may help sponsor one or more students at RM108 per student. Please call Sis Lily at 03-56348181.
2) This year’s Annual Vipassana Meditation Retreat will be held at Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul from 29 December 2016 to 7 January 2017. The Retreat will be conducted by Sayadaw U Pyinnyarnanda from Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre, assisted by our Abbot, Ven. Nyanaramsi. If you wish to join in the Retreat as yogi or wish to be a helper or sponsor food for the monks and yogis and other expenses during the Retreat, please contact Sis Lily at 03-56348181.
3) SJBA is organising a 28 Buddha’s Puja Ceremony on 7 January 2017, 6pm to 9pm, which will give everyone the opportunity to make individual offerings to all 28 past Buddha who appeared before (and include) the present Buddha, Gautama Buddha. This great ceremony invokes one’s affinity with the infinite virtues of Buddha’s by reciting and recollecting the 28 Buddha’s names and virtues. This brings great blessings for the people who partake in the Ceremony. Recollection of the Buddha’s virtues help purify one’s mind and may even lead one to the attainment of enlightenment.
Traditionally this 28 Buddha’s Puja is performed to bring longevity, beauty, good health, happiness, prosperity, unity and harmony of family as well as success in one’s career or business and excellence in children’s education. For more information, please contact Sis Lily at 03-56348181.
4) The Wednesday’s night of Spiritual Cultivation will be off for 5 weeks and will resume on 14 December 2016.
5) The title of this Sunday’s Dhamma Talk is “Living to benefit” by Bro Ong Beng Chung. Bro Beng Chung is the Founder of SJBA Youth Section in 1993. He was the former President of UKM Buddhist Fellowship. He sees himself as a person who loves simplicity and clarity in all areas of life. When he’s in the right mode, he prefers to explore the mind in meditation retreats and in daily life through Awareness. Meditation to him, is mental cultivation, as a tool in exploring the mind to realise Realities and eventually, the Unconditioned, as taught by the Buddha.

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