Announcements (Thursday, 7 November 2019)


1) Metta Meditation sessions are held every Monday at SJBA Meditation Hall from 8.30pm to 9.45pm. This cultivation of metta focus on loving kindness to oneself, loved ones and all other beings. All are welcome.

2) Devotees are welcome to have self-practice in Vipassana Meditation every Thursday from 8.30pm to 9.45pm at our Meditation Hall.

3) SJBA invite you and family and friends to a spiritual and mentally enriching morning at this Sunday’s Buddha Puja commencing at 9.15am with offering of lights, flowers and incense to the Buddha, chanting, Dhamma Talk on “Humility – The Foundation of All Virtues” by Bro Tan Siang Chye, and Sharing of Merits.

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