Notice on SJBA Renovation Works – Updated

As part of our effort to upgrade the facilities of SJBA Vihara to provide better environment and support services for our members and devotees, beside building the new block, the following places will be renovated on the dates as follows:

Meeting Room: 23/11 to 24/12/16
TCM Room: 23/11 to 24/12/16
Room M1, M2: 23/11 to 24/12/16
Sima Hall: 23/11 to 24/12/16

Meditation Hall: 28/11 to 27/12/16

Kitchen: 15/12/16 to 10/3/17

Office, Library, Airwell area: 10/1/17 to 10/3/17

Please note that TCM, Metta and Vipassana Meditation, Yoga, Longevitology sessions in the respective Hall or rooms or Airwell Area will need to be temporarily closed during the above periods.

Our Sunday Dhamma School will resume on 12/2/17.

Other activities will go on as usual, eg. our regular Sunday Puja Service (English), New & Full Moon Chanting & Vegetarian Lunch, Breakfast & Lunch Dana for Monks and other activities using the Shrine Hall (no renovation in Shrine Hall except some cabling works, video system upgrade and relocating the sound system to the left). Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and support.

24 November 2016

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