Wesak Day message from SJBA abbot Ven Nyanaramsi

Dear followers of Triple Gem, all dayakas and dayakas (benefactors of the Buddha Sāsana) :

Happy Wesak ! May you be safe (free from danger) and happy always.
On this auspicious day, let’s make an effort to learn and understand the meaning of well-spoken words of the Buddha. But nothing can be accomplished without practice. Hence, one should be heedful and put forth effort to develop wholesome qualities which lead to the highest aspiration – – attainment of Enlightenment and ultimate purity of mind. In other words, one should realize Teachings of the Buddha by practice and direct experience.
This is one of the Discourses found in the Suttanipāta, which is worthy to serve as a guide in practice.
Quote :
“Having what good behaviour, having what sort of conduct, fostering what kind of actions, can a person be properly settled and attain the highest goal ?
One should be respectful towards elders, without envy; one should know the proper time for seeing one’s teachers. When a Dhamma talk is occurring, one who knows the occasion should listen carefully to well-spoken words.
One should go to teachers at the proper time, having dropped one’s pride, with a humble manner. One should recollect and practice the meaning, the Dhamma, self-control and the spiritual life.
Delighting in the Dhamma, delighted with the Dhamma, firm in the Dhamma, knowing how to judge the Dhamma, one should not engage in talk that corrupts the Dhamma but should be guided by genuine well-spoken words.
Having abandoned laughter, chatter, lamenting, annoyance, hypocritical deeds, scheming, greed, conceit, stubbornness, crudeness, blemishes, infatuation : one should live free from vanity, inwardly firm.
What is understood is the core of well-spoken words; concentration is the core of what has been learned and understood. Wisdom and learning do not grow for a person who is impetuous and heedless.
Those who take delight in the Dhamma taught by the noble ones are surpassed in speech, mind and action. Being settled in peace, gentleness and concentration, they have reached the core of learning and wisdom.”
May all of you are endowed with confidence and patience, devote your effort and time to the learning and practicing of the True Dhamma.
With mettā,
U Nyanaramsi

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