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Metta Meditation Day Camp 2016


Lunch Dana and Tea Time for kids at 3.30pm

Our SDS children’s Metta Workshop will be held on 6-9 Dec-2016. There will be lunch Dana for monks on these four days. Please do not miss this good opportunity; come and do Dana if you are available. More than 50 children have signed up for this Metta Workshop. If you wish to bring food and snacks for their Tea Time, you are most welcome. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Bhojjanga Session this Saturday, 3 September, 8pm

The Bhojjanga Chanting on this Saturday 3 September, 8.00pm will be led by Venerable Sujatha Maha Thera and Venerable Indarathana to recite the Parittas for protection from various forms of evil spirits, misfortunes, sickness and influence of planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.

Ven. Sujatha Maha Thera will also lead us in a session of healing through loving-kindness meditation.

All are welcome.

LovingKindness Meditation