Announcements (Thursday, 14 July 2016)

1) The Sunday Puja Services (both English and Mandarin) this Sunday, 17 July 2016 will be off due to the 1-day Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop on “HOW TO DIMINISH THE EFFECTS OF BAD PAST KAMMA”, facilitated by Ven. Aggacitta, at our Shrine Hall.

image0014The Sunday Puja Service (both English and Mandarin) will resume on 24 July 2016.

2) SJBA is making the invitation to Venerable Indarathana on 18 July 2016, Monday, 8.30pm (after full-moon chanting starting from 7.30pm) to enter Vassa (Rains Retreat) in SJBA. The program will include taking the 3 Refuges and observe the 5 Precepts, formal invitation to Venerable Indarathana to stay in SJBA for the 3-month Vassa, determination by the Venerable, offering of robes and requisites to the Sangha followed by blessings chanting and sharing of merits. Members and devotees are invited to witness this Vassa Entry Ceremony


DATE: 18 July 2016 (Monday)

TIME: 8.30pm to 10.00pm (Full Moon Chanting will start at 7.30pm)

VENUE: SJBA Shrine Hall

Members and devotees are invited to join in SJBA Full Moon Chanting at 7.30pm follow by the Vassa Entry Ceremony.

(3) Members and devotees are also invited to participate in the 5th Day Vassa Chanting on 23 July 2016, Saturday, 7.30pm, to commemorate the day the Buddha taught the Anattalakkhana Sutta to His first 5 disciples of the Buddha who had by listening to this sermon, meditating on the five aggregates of clinging and realizing 3 higher stages of supramundane knowledge that lead them to the attainment of Arahantship.


DATE: 23 July 2016 (Saturday)

TIME: 7.30pm to 8.30pm

VENUE: SJBA Shrine Hall

(4) In conjunction with the 7th Lunar Month, SJBA is organising a Pattidana (Dedication of Merits) Ceremony on 14 August 2017 for the departed ones. When those departed relatives and friends, who may been reborn in certain unfortunate state of existence, become aware that their departed relatives performing meritorious deeds dedicated to them, they can feel relief. If they rejoice repeatedly, their unhappy birth can be transformed into a happy one. It is the duty of relatives to perform acts of merits for the departed ones. The program will start at 8.00am with the offering of flowers, candles and pure water, followed by Pindacara, chanting, Dhamma Talk, offering of requisites, dedication of merits to the departed ones and followed by Blessings by the Sangha and lunch dana. All are welcome.