Bojjhanga Sutta

Dhamma Relieves All Ills
First Wednesday of Every Month, Beginning 6-Feb-2013
SJBA Vihara, 8.30pm



caring“The suttas the Buddhists recite for protection are known as Paritta Chanting. Here, ‘Protection’ means shielding ourselves from various forms of evil spirits, misfortunes, sickness and influence of planetary systems as well as instilling confidence in the mind.”

-Late Chief Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda-


Once the Buddha saw Venerable Kassapa and Venerable Moggallana were suffering and ill, He expounded the doctrine of the Seven Factors of Enlightenment. Even when the Buddha Himself was afflicted with illness, Elder Cunda was requested to recite that very doctrine with due reference. In each occasion after listening to the doctrine they were delighted and were liberated from their illnesses. As seemed, these Paritta recitals have the potency to bring about a cure.

SJBA Chantingfarers have an aspiration that by chanting the Bojjhanga Sutta will relieve one from all ailments. By this asseveration of Truth may you be well and happy.


Opening Salutation,

Salutation to The Buddha, Salutation to The Bodhi Tree, Invitation to Deva

Round the Bodhi Tree 3x & Recollection of The Triple Gem,

Puja, Salutation to The Buddha,

Taking 3 Refuges,

Observance of the 5 Precepts,

Puja Chanting,

Loving Kindness Meditation,

Chanting the Bojjhanga & Metta Sutta,

Sharing of Merits & Aspirations,

Distribution of blessed water.

(You are encouraged to bring your own water)